Welcome to General Affairs.

Historical Background

          General Affairs or President office, the departments were divided into ten works. Those were Administration Affairs, Finance Affairs, Information Affairs, Secretary Affairs, Official Affairs, Building and maintenance Affairs, Head of international and ASEAN Affairs,Vehicle Affairs, Electricity and energy conservation. These were the supporting departments for service, supporting, coordination and giving convenience to respond the mission of the university to achieve on the purposes. At the present, General Affairs, there is the office located at President office of Rajabhut Kamphaeng Phet University.


    “Focusing on the service and developing a quality of works”


    “General Affairs, President Office, is the department focusing on a quality of service. There is a good management and use a modern technology”


1. To give services supporting and giving convenience to office inside and outside institute.

2.   Improvement ability of personals.

3.  To create network in services aspect by good managing and using modern technology.

4. Promoting and developing management systems for responding in policy and responsibility of university.